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Chapter 18. BIBFRAME Data

Chapter Outline

  • Introduction

  • BIBFRAME Record in XML

Key Takeaways

This chapter provides a very brief introduction to BIBFRAME records in XML with an example of an alignment between RDA elements, MARC bibliographic data, and BIBFRAME (bibliographic) data. A BIBFRAME (Bibliographic Framework) record includes data describing the BIBFRAME model entities Work, Instance, and Item. It also includes relationships to Agents, Subjects, and Events.

For an introduction to BIBFRAME, check Chapter 3.


A new BIBFRAME editor, MARVA is available from the Library of Congress BIBFRAME website, Feel free to explore the tool. 

Chapter References/Notes

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  2. Library of Congress. BIBFRAME 2.0 to MARC 21 conversion specifications. Retrieved from


Additional Readings

Here, you will find readings specific to the contents of this chapter.

You may find more readings about similar topics on the Cataloging and Classification Web Resources and External Training Resources pages


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